A Gentleman of Geesala

An old man has died in Erris

He was 91

Pap Coyle his name

I think I might have met him once

A long time ago

I knew his sister, Mamie Coyle

In London long ago

Knew his nephew Steven

And in the notices today

I see Mamie is still alive

Thank God for Mid West Radio

The community of the West


He lived beyond Geesala

Muingdoran is the place

Wide open place beside the sea

The views go on forever

Belmullet to the north of you

Achill to the south

And way out west America

The emigrants’ request


Out there the folk are scattered wide

Homesteads here and there

And blanket bog and mountainside

And damp Mayo air

But everybody knows you

And when you come to die

They send heart-warming messages

Some would make you cry


While over here in crowded towns

We live piled up together

And nobody knows just who you are

Whatever be the weather

We are mithered by the media

Anonymous private lives

But in the West they know you well

Beneath those Mayo skies


Brian Fahy

29 January 2022

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