On A Hillside

The sexual abuse of minors

The Magdalene laundries

Priests moved from place to place

Minor seminaries

The clerical world


The authority of men

Women subjugated

Babies given away


Now this world collapses

Well it needed to

Don’t pray for vocations

Pray for eyes so new

Change is not a thing to mourn

Goodbye to all of that

Church needs to be reborn

Have you heard of that?


Jesus on the hillside

Gathers twelve around

The beginnings of the story

And suffering profound

Companionship he launches

Preaching role and care

There’s the blueprint

Follow it

Give this world fresh air


Brian Fahy

20 January 2022 


+ When we were children, we did not dare to question the Church, or the authority of priests. We were obedient subjects. The idea was that the Church could do no wrong. Now we know differently. There is nothing to lament about the present state of things. We are undergoing what will be great change.

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