A Seat In The Synagogue

The local town hall the synagogue

Where the locals meet

To organise the neighbourhood

Arrange who cleans the street

To listen to a teaching

Bow the head and pray

Make sure that they are up to date

And people have their say


And on a Sabbath morning

Jesus is given the floor

To speak the word of God aloud

To teach what life is for

The effect is totally startling

The power of his word

The people are left wondering

Who is this they’ve heard?


The local crazy knows the score

Blessed with seeing eyes

This can only be of God

Will he me despise?

But no – that’s not the way of it

The word of Jesus heals

And crying out and falling down

A healing he reveals


What will we make of Jesus?

Will we follow him?

Or carry on regardless

The same old might have been

Each year we meet in Galilee

We walk that dusty road

Let’s stay with him the whole year through

Lord show us your abode


Brian Fahy

11 January 2022

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