The Human Story

Emotional insecurity

Margaret of Argyll

A beauty much sought after

Men lined up in file

Pregnant when fifteen years old

David Niven’s child

Secret termination

Begins a life so wild


Ian Douglas Campbell

Prisoner of War

Captured at St Valery

Five year unknown scar

Returns a cold unfeeling man

His castle needing money

Heavy drinker prescription drugs

Goes in search of honey


England 1963

Men with all the power

The Duke prepared to shame his wife

Disgrace will have its hour

So Margaret is the wicked one

Hang her out to dry

Till Claire redeems humanity

And Ian is the lie


Brian Fahy

29 December 2021


+ BBC’s A Very British Scandal, starring Claire Foy and Paul Bettany, helps us to see with new eyes the story of the lawsuit, Argyll v Argyll. How differently we now see and estimate issues of fairness between the sexes and the public standards of the time.

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