Daily Life

Christmas viewing

Margaret of Argyll

Well Claire Foy actually

Playing her in style

She used to be the Queen you know

One played her very well

Those doe eyes blue

The ruby lips

Now she’s Jezebel


And cricket played down under

Collapse I hear the word

Describing England’s fortunes

Predictable absurd

The Aussies rule it over us

We’ve nothing left to cheer

Lost our empire on the run

At least there’s English beer


And human rights in Russia

Take another hit

Closing down Memorial

Putin’s hissy fit

And in the Church a solemn day

The feast of innocents

Murdered by King Herod

Power on the offence


I saw a priest begin the mass

He didn’t mention sin

Instead he said ‘behaviour’

I thought that good of him

Examine your behaviour

Confess the wrong you do

And let Claire Foy get on with it

Always worth a view


Brian Fahy

28 December 2021

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