The Waiting Game

When my dad was dying

He couldn’t speak a word

Messages from heart and mind

Silent and unheard

Except for when my heart filled up

Almost overcome

He spoke my name to comfort me

A father to his son


Four days he lay within his bed

Four days silent still

But he wasn’t doing nothing

He was waiting waiting till

The moment came for parting

For meeting as it came

The approach of death to take him

Beyond what he could name


Like that day in Normandy

When an officer’s command

Told him to drive along a road

My father took a stand

That corner perfect ambush

I think you’d better send

An armoured car to reconnoitre

Else it will be the end


What lies around the corner

None of us can know

But old heads in the army game

Know when its good to go

My father facing death himself

Knew exactly what to do

Be still and gather yourself my son

We head into the new


Brian Fahy

25 December 2021  

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