Old Newsreels

Jim Broadbent’s voice cries out

In that Margaret Thatcher film

As Maggie watches old newsreels

Of holidays with the children

‘You can rewind it

But you can’t change it,’ cries Jim

As Maggie’s viewing longingly hopes

To compensate for her lack of motherly ways


And I smile as I remember

All my Hawkstone days

And all my days in priestly ways

When I felt quite undone

Unfulfilled unfound

You can rewind it

But you can’t change it

I’m afraid


And maybe it’s the same for everyone

For life is never smooth

We try to make our way

Then something happens

We fall foul

Call foul but have to play the game

We are trying to make our way

But sunny day has turned to mist and fog

How did it come to this?

You can rewind it

But you can’t change it


Mary and Elizabeth

Two expectant mums

Their children will die both violent death

The promise of a baby

The care over a child

The youth the adult in a world so wild

The mother at the crib

The mother at the cross

You can rewind it

But you can’t change it

That’s the gain and loss


But we’re still here

That’s the other thing

Here and now today

It’s mine to sing

The song of life

It’s joy its tragedy

Its resurrection

That will do for me


Brian Fahy

19 December 2021

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