Christmas Star

Christmas time approaches

Another child has died

Cruelly used by adults

And no one to confide


The marks upon her body

Reported at the time

Not acted on to save her

We have another crime


The slaughter of the innocents

In Matthew’s gospel tale

Shows how the powers of evil

Make love of no avail


And Christ who died on Calvary

Protesting love so true

Calls us to save society

In everything we do


Our warped emotions selfish ways

Our damaged attitudes

Raise up a storm of violence

To make the latest news


And children helpless children

Pay the cruel price

And Christ is nailed upon the cross

By all our heartless vice


And Christ is born at Christmas time

And loving eyes look on

God grant that child its blessedness

Her life down here had none


Brian Fahy

14 December 2021

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