What To Do


I watch my grandsons at their play

The world is there contained

And the Gospel of this Advent day

Is in their play explained


Lucas, four, and Noah, two

Need to learn to share

To be honest in the things they do

To play and to be fair


And Lucas being older, bigger

Needs to watch his power

Say sorry when he knocks him down

Till Noah gains his hour


This the Gospel of today

When people come to John

‘What shall we do?’ is what they say

Say and it will be done


This is the story every day

From childhood’s morn till night

Learn to share live honestly

Be careful of your might


Do not abuse the power you have

Do not deal in deceit

And learn to share the life you have

And everybody greet


The people in the wilderness

Expecting the Messiah

Prepared themselves in readiness

Standards must be higher


And as I near the end of days

And watch my grandsons play

The words of John can still amaze

Be ready for that day


Brian Fahy

12 December 2021

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