Island Life


I am an Irish Englishman

I can sit upon a fence

And watch the world go by me

Don’t need to make defence


We are an Island Nation

Sufficient to ourselves

Except for all our imports

And someone to fill the shelves


We sailed the world in former times

To trade and rule the roost

The globe was almost British

To give our pride a boost


But now our island nation

Feels weary and oppressed

We are pulling up the gang plank

We want to have a rest


We voted then for Brexit

Were told a pack of lies

Posh boys for the exit

Parties while she dies


We are an island nation

La Manche lies in between

The world may have its troubles

But we sail on serene


Trouble is pandemics

Just walk right through the door

And desperate folk in dinghies

Lie dead upon the shore


An island needs a mainland

Even far away

Human connection

Is the only way to play


The rich go round in cruise chips

The poor lie at our door

We need to find each other

To live with less not more


I am an English Irishman

I have the best of both

Living now in Stirling

The jewel of the north


The virtues of our people

We celebrate quite right

But let’s confess our sins as well

And make this dark world bright


Brian Fahy

8 December 2021

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