Home Truths

Leaders are important

They lay the markers down

Like good parents with their children

When to smile or frown

They give us inspiration

They walk the road before

They stand for certain principles

Or else are shown the door


Solskjaer comes to sunset

Done the best he can

Brought the feel good factor

But not tomorrow’s man

Conte bans the ketchup

Spurs on healthy diet

Trying to play catch up

Conte won’t be quiet


Boris leads our country

Smiling cheerful chap

Bonhomie and bluster

Still avoids the rap

UK still uncertain

Hasn’t found a role

Hasn’t got identity

Not yet found its soul


In Scotland we have Nicola

Now there’s a bonny lass

Honest to goodness down to earth

Never sells the pass

Alba on the rise again

Please God Ireland too

But England beloved England

A fine how do you do!


Brian Fahy

21 November 2021

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