The train on Tyldesley station

Annual pilgrimage

Manchester Chester General

Llanfair and Holyhead

Dun Laoghaire Dublin Mullingar

Athlone and stations west

Manulla Junction Ballina

Destination best

Bus across the Erris bog

Greet the sinking sun

Vanguard to Glencullen

Ye’re landed glad you’ve come


Train from Tyldesley station


Off to Scotland my first time

Wonder what’s in store

Join the Reds at 17

Leaving world behind

World I didn’t even know

Faith or was I blind?


Trains in Stirling station

Ferry up and down

From Inverness to London

Passing through my town

I love to watch them travel

Gliding through the green

Sleek and silent often

A joy just to be seen


I remember the tram

In Dusseldorf

It gently rolled along

Heading into town

It held a happy throng

This is the way to travel

Share a peaceful ride

And watch the world go gliding by

And the peaceful countryside


Brian Fahy

20 November 2021

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