Shoulder Of The Hill

Slinaun in Gaelic means shoulder

The thing you sling a sling on


A shoulder of a hill

Fascinates me still

Grandfather’s house

Pronounced ‘Shlinaun’


That’s how they say it in the ‘Wesht’

They are full of lovely names round there you know

Knockmoyleen Kilmaclasser Aghagowla

Ballintleva Clooncanavan Gortnaclassagh

I fell in love with place names

Lovely sounding words

Their origins so simple and so true


Where did my people come from?

Above there they might say

Up there on the shoulder of that hill

And so they called it ‘Shoulder’

Slinaun if you will

The height of country living

Going still


Brian Fahy

15 November 2021

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