Old Gold

It was drizzling then

Like it’s drizzling now

The night I went to Bolton

On my own

And stood on the Embankment

Floodlights and falling rain

And watched a team in old gold

Do for us again


Wolverhampton Wanderers

Played us off the park

I stood there gabardine mack

Red school cap

I was mightily impressed

Peter Broadbent and the rest

And big Ron Flowers

Dictating all the play


Walking back to town

I passed a closing gate

How’ve they gone on?

A watchman asked of me

Lost two nil I told him

A casual nod of the head

And carried on

To catch the 82


Walked home across

Old Shakerley Lane

Night blue black and damp

Lights were on at home

And family

Warm welcome from the collie dog

A cup of tea and bed

And a memory stirred today

Ron Flowers I hear is dead


Brian Fahy

12 November 2021

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