Morning Coffee


I am back now drinking coffee

In the morning

From eleven years old and seminary days

The smell of coffee brewing

In the morning

Inspired me helped when I prays


John Agard says the coffee served in heaven

Would leave us agitated

If decaffeinated

While the devil sat content with expresso brew


I drink Columbian coffee now in homage

To a guy I knew in Rome

In student days

Noel Londono is his name

Lightness of spirit his middle name

He is now a bishop back at home

And God be praised


While England still drank tea

We drank the coffee

Holy tradition straight from Napoli

Alfonso and the Reds

Where it came from

What they do in Rome

We must do here


Not everything needs to be passed down

Something new is welcome to appear

But coffee in the morning

Fresh from coffee beans

Is welcome as a glass of English beer


Brian Fahy

9 November 2021



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