Childlike Quality


I used to watch Watercolour Challenge

I loved its beauty its simplicity

Margaret bought me sketchbooks and crayons

Her faith in me methinks credulity


I tried to draw and colour from a photo

A boat out sailing towards the Roonah Quay

From out Clare Island harbour it was ploughing

A place of beauty as ever you might see


My brother Michael looked upon my effort

And slowly a smile spread o’er his face

‘A certain childlike quality’ he murmured

And that was me put gently in my place


I love to paint with words that’s my profession

I loved it when a sermon went down well

To see a bright response on people’s faces

It’s the sizzle not the steak that you sell


Whatever work we do it can be beauty

Like sweeping up a yard or kitchen sink

The perfect cup of tea the homemade soda

Everything is beauty don’t you think?


Brian Fahy

9 November 2021

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