Romantic Notions

First we invented teenagers

With money

Then pop records

Selling romantic dreams

Then magnified mass-media-ed

The notion

Romantic love is everything it seems


Oh to find my destined

One and only

Dream the dream

On this my life depends

The wisdom of ages

Now discarded

Elvis Presley

Did you start all these trends?


The voice of other ages

In the dustbin

The counsel of our elders

Just old hat

To place all our eggs

In one romantic basket

Begs the question

Where’s the sense in that?


It’s friendship

That forms the true foundation

Rock solid love

Affection family

Built over time

And lasting for a lifetime

Companion of the ages

Pal of mine


Brian Fahy

24 October 2021


+Prompted by an article in today’s Observer, by Sonia Sodha, entitled Romantic partner? Who needs one…


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