Cottage Near Straide

What do I remember?

Whitewashed walls

Earthen floor settle bed

Turf fire in the hearth gently burning

Half door in the doorway

Window small

Couple in their seventies


Came home from England

Outbreak of the war

Chair and table

Crockery and delph

A room above

Sunshine in the door

Outside the River Moy

Impressive river

Flowing strong

Awaiting fishermen

Up from Dublin

Cottage like a café

Gave them welcome

Come inside come in

They gave my mammy

A home from home in England

When she left home

Her fortune now to find

Now she brought the priest her eldest son

To visit them

Returning kind for kind

The cottage now?

Maybe fallen in

Nothing last forever as we know

But the memory does

Especially when it’s beauty

Of a lovely couple

And the Moy’s eternal flow


Brian Fahy

19 October 2021


+ The couple were Michael and Maria Devaney

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