Mind How You Go

He’ll be buried in Faulmore

Out beside the sea

Looking out at Achill

At Inishkea

Watching as the sun sinks

Each evening in the west

The ever rolling waves

Whispering where he rests


Obituaries in Ireland

I read them every day

Strange occupation

You might say

I do not know the people

It’s the places that I know

I drove around there

Many years ago


The Irish names are musical

Entertaining to my ear

Like the people that I knew there

Yes in yesteryear

Aughalasheen takes some beating

Pullathomas holds its own

And Aughleam inside the Mullet

Well it almost feels like home


I’ll hardly drive that way again

Old age roots me at home

And the driving license

Surrendered years ago

But the roads of County Mayo

Live always in my mind

And the shores around Belmullet

Are sounding still and kind


Brian Fahy

18 October 2021

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