Look Into My Eyes

Libertarian individualism

Is an illness of the age

Promoting self quite selfishly

Driving some to rage

And unaccountability

Say whatever you like

And think to call that freedom

Uncaring verbal strike


The fabric of society

Requires connecting ties

The link of arms

The kindly speech

The honesty of eyes

Do not insult or ridicule

Neglect not nor ignore

Involve each one in what we do

Society restore


A friend of mine

Quite comically

Rejoiced in Internet

Now I can communicate

Without ever having to talk

That one way system ruins lives

No traffic coming back

We do not face the other one

True interface we lack


True dialogue

Demands of me

An honesty of face

The gaze of another person

Who sees my every grace

Or lack of it as may be

And so brings me to book

We owe to one another

The honesty of look


Brian Fahy

18 October 2021

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