Sunshine In Salopia

Yesterday grim grey

Today bright sun

Cloudless sky

A day for having fun

How atmosphere conditions all of time

And can dictate the pace the feel the chime


It turned its face towards the evening sun

Its back the servant quarters to the road

A hill blocked all horizon to one side

Off the beaten track this vast abode


A country house of splendour for the rich

Became a college locked away from sight

A hot house of rural piety

No one came none realised their plight


Six years I spent in that forsaken place

Obedient to rules and lectures there

Human development not a chance

Not possible in rarefied stale air


Jesus and the Gospel was my aim

What I got was catholic seminary

Crippled me left me rather lame

Took me years of struggle to be free


The Church keeps praying for vocations

For a priesthood that really needs to die

New ways will come I have no doubt about it

The spirit knows far better still than I


Brian Fahy

15 October 2021

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