Heaven’s Door

Why did we go to church

When we were young?

I think it was the carrot and the stick

The carrot was the mystery

God is in this place

Sanctuary lamp tabernacle

Incense altar lace

Colourful stained glass windows

People gathered in

Power in a pulpit

Christmas Eastering


The stick

Well that was mortal sin

Threat and reality

Missing mass you go to hell

For all eternity

And sex was sin so clearly

Needed a darkened room

Confess your innocent youthful thoughts

Absolved escape the doom


John Lennon said imagine

No heaven no hell below

No countries to fight for

No greed at the door

Lennon learned the hard way

Where love is to be found

And lost his life when coming home

World stopped – couldn’t hear a sound


We’ve changed our tune in church these days

No longer threaten hell

People find that for themselves

Their faces often tell

And heaven the promise of future joy

Well that still has to wait

But today is ours to live right well

Today is heaven’s gate


Brian Fahy

10 October 2021

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