Vacant Possession

Luke 11:24-26


Sinaga in central Manchester

Saville everywhere

Priests in France through seventy years

Abused those in their care


The Boston Globe

Through Spotlight

Revealed a frightening truth

Abusive clergy everywhere

Abusing innocent youth


Crimes and monstrous passions

Shock us to the core

We distance from such actions

Behaviour we abhor


And yet we know

The quiet truth

The weakness of the flesh

Temptation to self-indulgence

Lust can rot the best


The Lord’s advice is here today

When an unclean spirit leaves

Do not hang out the ‘vacant’ sign

A ‘gimme’ sign to thieves


Fill your heart with goodness

Tidy your house each day

Let the Lord reside with you

To keep all harm away


Brian Fahy

8 October 2021

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