Thoughts At Evening

There was a lot of God about

When I was young

Catholic school and daily mass

Altar boy I was

Fish on Friday


Hadn’t kissed a lass


Then hijacked

Off to seminary

Locked in closed in world

Latin and Greek excelling

Still not kissed a girl


Then to Perth and Hawkstone

Robed in solemn black

Corralled away from humans

No girl could kiss me back


Ordained in 1970

Elvis at Number One

Church still in the ascendant

But not for very long


Years of preaching Jesus

Church going out of style

Kept on kept on going

Down to single file


Repression is just a waiting game

The day will come to burst

I walked into my freedom

Parched I quenched my thirst


Hidden sins now come to light

A church with too much power

Spotlight shows our weaknesses

The truth will have its hour


Be as little children

The Lord’s constant advice

This is how the Gospel spreads

And God is found at last


Brian Fahy

3 October 2021

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