Part And Parcel


A ‘dies non’ today

Not a work day not a holiday

A day to suspend usual activity

A silent day my usual proclivity


Sat in my chair

And nodded off a while

Easy to do

Becoming now my style

Like those old folk

You see in care home parlours

Practising an art

Dozing off

At all hours


My dear old nan

At eighty in the field

Gathering hay

Old age she didn’t yield

Now her photo

Looking back at me

Come on old son

Time to make your tea


My days are easy

Thank the Lord for that

I’ve run the course

Jumped the fences flat

Met my Beecher’s Brook

The Melling Road

A long run in I trust

In this abode


In the company of others


The mysteries of life

At my command

My son and grandsons

Will help me through my days

They are my younger self

In many ways


Brian Fahy

1 October 2021


+ Read about Eric Varden today, monk and bishop. His motto is Coram fratribus intellexi. Things we don’t understand by ourselves we come to understand in the company of others. The motto is also the title of his website.


+ A photo of my grandmother, Bridget Carey, is always on my desk. She is standing in a field of gathered hay.


+ Dies (Latin and pronounced dee-ez) non was a day in Redemptorist life that was neither work day nor holiday.


+ Yes, I do doze off these days.


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