A Fair Cop

Martin Clunes

A man behaving badly

Became Doc Martin

Good but oddly so

Now in his maturity

A sober kindly copper

We identify with him

He’s good to go


Bringing to our screens

The sorry stories

Of evil men

Their victims and their crimes

Gives us space to mourn

For lives upended

Silent sorrows

Saga of our times


We do not see

The harm and hurt inflicted

On countless victims

In our society

But we know enough

To know our contribution

Can bring some peace

When meeting you and me


They went proactive

Looking for the scoundrel

Narrowed their field of search

And sat in wait

Intelligence paid dividends

Patience won the day

And daily life lived faithfully

Will win – it’s not too late


Brian Fahy

22 September 2021

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