My Father

The stairs became Mount Everest for my father

The bungalow a blessing when it came

That little house in Hindsford

Garden all around

Here at last the sweetest of home ground


An easy chair upholstered

A table for his tea

The daily paper popped in through the door

A review of all the runners

Astute selections made

Happy here he couldn’t ask for more


All his life he tried to do his best

School and pit and army

Army vest

India and Africa sortie in Iraq

Normandy and Belgium

Became his beaten track


The quiet man from Tyldesley

Out upon patrol

Arrested a stray German one fine day

Turns out the man was Himmler

As wicked as they come

Life’s encounters strange how they play


My father died at 71

His lungs could do no more

A miner’s life and ciggies saw to that

I missed so many years with him

But I caught up later on

He is still beside me

Always got my back


Brian Fahy

21 September 2021

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