Good Health


A preacher of the Gospel

That’s my call

Not priest so much but preacher

That is all

I listen to the Gospel

And then the everyday

Put the two together

Helps people on their way


The verses that I’m writing now

Are mainly in that vein

Say the word that helps and heals

Say it once again

Listen out for wisdom

Share it on the page

A worthy occupation now

For someone of my age


It could be that I’ve years to live

My health is good you see

Came from a healthy mother

A healthy family tree

She lived until she was 94

Cause of death old age

A lovely loving mother

A veritable sage


Your mother’s great my father said

Healthy as can be

All her own teeth at her age

Dad’s compliment you see

You’d think he was talking about a horse!

Was mammy’s quick reply

But the thought was well intended

He never told a lie


So on we go another year

And for now another day

I bless the Lord for all my health

Long, long may it stay

Look out for one another

Be patient as you go

And don’t forget to give the world

The smile that says ‘hello’


Brian Fahy

20 September 2021

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