Returning From The Coop

Morning rolls and bacon

Milk and orange juice

Lindt mint chocolate just to make me smile

Two bottles of Thatchers Cider

Sorry about the name

A tasty tipple worth the walk and while


Sunny Saturday morning

Stirling suburb still

Get those legs a-moving while you can

A quiet day ahead of me

Football on 5 Live

Can Bolton keep on winning – that’s the plan


Every day is easy now

No more stress or strain

Time’s my own to do with as I please

My one remaining duty

Take myself in charge

Stay healthy be the best that I can be


So many rolls we fill in life

With family and friends

And then the great vocation – be a dad

And now I’m at the granddad stage

Two boys are in my life

They’ll keep me going

So really that’s no bad


Brian Fahy

28 August 2021


+ In Scotland ‘no bad’ is high praise indeed.

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