Advancing Years

The weather now is turning

Cooler days are here

Football’s coming back again

Something then to cheer


Each month has its loveliness

If you have eyes to see

Even the depths of winter

A robin on frosty tree


A grandson turning four today

And I at seventy-four

A lifetime there between us

He’s a blessing at my door


The person there developing

The character inside

Brings wealth brings riches to my life

Fills my heart with pride


His life is full of springtime

Mine in autumn fade

Both are lovely seasons

Live life as it is made


The cycle of the turning year

The journey to old age

Each step an onward pathway

Each day a brand new page


And winter will not faze me

I arrived amidst the cold

The warmth of love surrounds me

Family is my fold


Brian Fahy

21 August 2021

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