The Mountains of Tora Bora

Afghanistan – what do I know?

Not a lot I credit you

But I know a man who tells it true

An article I direct you to

A Guardian writer

Jonathon Steele his name


80 years – an elder now

A wise man of the world

He gives us simple history

If you want the story told


We invaded a country far away

Distance softens impact

Like Czechoslovakia long ago

‘A far away land of which we know little’

And so we let it go


Put quite simply

We shouldn’t be there

Who do we think we are!

Military might gives us the right?

Still paying for Bush and Blair


After 9/11 Bush thought he had the right

To do whatever the hell he chose

‘Dieu et mon droit’ becomes an excuse

To give someone a bloody nose


We are warfare’s children

World Wars One and Two

Last night I watched a film again

Nanking massacre!

The frightening things we do!


Learn the lesson

Learn it now

Violence brings more harm

Lay down the gun

Train your tongue

Help the world find calm


Brian Fahy

20 August 2021

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