I Love Latin

I loved learning Latin
Greek even more
Six years of learning
Then dropped to the floor
A novitiate of pious praying
No study then allowed
Then six years in a wilderness
Seminary shroud

Glad to hear
It’s coming back
Classical education
Learn the language
Read the poets
Study a civilisation

What a foolish notion
Years ago
To drop all Latin study
Removing it from mainstream
Thinking it ‘fuddy duddy’
Promoting all that science
Now we know we’re clever
Forgetting ancient wisdom
Well now did you ever!

A wealth of Latin music
Was mislaid by the Church
When languages vernacular
Barged in through the porch
Please God a time will soon return
When Latin tunes are heard
And timeless hymns restored to us
And others given the bird

And Dominus vobiscum
And Et cum spiritu tuo
Can take their place in liturgy
In an English Latin duo
And Kyrie eleison
To add a bit of Greek
The wealth of our tradition
Isn’t that what we should seek?
Brian Fahy
31 July 2021

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