Thunderstorms are promised for today
We like a bit of drama
And thunder is impressive
If no harm done
Come and make your play

The power of the heavens
Playing o’er us
Reminds us of our poor fragility
And yet the power of humans
To make thunder
Is frightening and the cause of enmity

The sounds of war
Of cannon and guns blazing
Familiar to my dad
Then the bomb that flattened Hiroshima
Constant memory

The thunder of our anger
When we’re shouting
Destroys the peace
Of loved ones all around
And tears as from a cloudburst
On their faces
Show the harm we’ve done
The human ground

Lightning strike
And thunder in the heavens
Drama enough
For this distressful time
Let our arguments be civil
Our differences allowed
Let human storms abate
To a gentle clime

Brian Fahy
4 July 2021

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