Sunday Angelus

Every Sunday
At the window
He keeps a rendez-vous
A meeting with the world
A meeting just for you

The mid day bell is chiming
Francis has a word
Prepared for us

This is a holy man
A good man, listen
What he says
Can give your life a mission

This man is loved by all
It’s very clear
He lives by prayer
God is very near

If you feel far away
I urge you go
Read the words of Francis
Then you’ll glow

Keep appointment
In that Sunday square
Find yourself
Find the joy of prayer

Brian Fahy
27 June 2021

+ Today Pope Francis speaks about our tendency to judge others and in the light of events here in the UK, his words today urge us to remember the ugly secrets of our own lives and not to indulge in gloating over the faults we find in others. BF.

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