Mice And Men

The thought comes on me
Now and then
Of things way beyond my ken
Of what may happen yes and when
In future days
Around the bend
Where no one sees the way

And more than that
The feeling comes
Of what’s the point
My days have run
Nearing now the setting sun
Game is over
You’ve had your fun
No longer be a rover

I remembered then
The Ayrshire Ploughman
Dear Robert Burns
The best of verse men
The day he met that wee mouse ken
And spilled his home
Into the winter open
Leaving him to roam

He had a right good meditation
On mice and men
And on their station
Standing there in all creation
Of building houses
And their destruction
And all our grouses

We are much the same
Was his conclusion
We worry ourselves into delusion
Cares and woes our sorry fusion
And worse for us
For we can see in all profusion
The coming fuss

A better thought then came to me
As I rose from bed and daylight see
This is a day God gives to me
From dawn till dusk
I have a power
Live this day and kindly be
The whole world lives this hour

The best laid schemes gang aft agley
Accept in simplicity the day
Banish negative thoughts away
How blessed am I
To have these years
Rejoice then in another day
There is no cause for fears

Brian Fahy
26 June 2021

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