Personal Power

My life is quiet
That is no complaint
I love these peaceful days
This silent time
My son not far away
My grandsons near
They visit when they can
That’s just fine

My energy diminished
No surprise
I’m heading for the number 75
The bus does me for shopping
Good to get outside
Coming home I feel
I’ve been alive

This website
This window on the world
Has given me the part I wish to play
I need to talk to someone
With this I talk to all
And all can listen
Or go on as they may

The words we use
Are only meant for goodness
Each cruel word
A sorry waste of time
We write we speak
To encourage one another
Correction even
We can relay kind

Each person in this world
Has power for others
We can build it’s true
We can destroy
Let every word you utter
Bring the heart’s warmth
It’s in your power
Your power to employ

Brian Fahy
23 June 2021

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