Sant’ Alfonso ~ Roma

I lived inside a monastery in Rome
In the heart of Rome
Near Maria Maggiore
A building large and cool
Long corridors the rule
And quiet rooms
For study and for snore

Large window looked down
On inner courtyard
Quiet paths and trees
For silent walks
Outside the constant
Traffic noise of Roma
Pizzeria full of Roman talk

At breakfast
I could see the Colosseum
Touch it with my hand
It seemed so near
The Forum
And the centuries before me
All close by
As if listening to hear

The refectory
A buzz of lively confreres
Come from all four corners
Of the earth
Good men decent men
Kindly men to know
Two years there
I know what it was worth

I look back and
I value those two years
For study and for learning
Language too
I gained so much
It challenged me
Gave impetus to mind
Got the Licence
Italia – I owe you

Brian Fahy
15 June 2021

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