Give Us This Day

Double-decker bus I got today
Upstairs sitting at the front
Looking at the road
In front of me
How does he manage it?
How avoid a shunt?

Cars on either side
Yet no collision
Branches of a tree
All greenery
Managed to avoid them
Trundled on instead
Into town
The bus deposited me

Banks have machines
That eat your cheques
I fed it two today
It seemed quite pleased
Read out my account
And gave receipt
Bank card back
Life goes on at ease

Local butcher
My! What a display!
All your meat and more
Out on a tray
Got myself beef olives
For a treat
Link sausages as well
Very neat

Then to market
Other things to find
Sourdough bread
A must
We must be kind

And home again
On that faithful bus
Euros tonight
That Franco – German fuss

And write a poem
Record this vital day
How folk in Stirling
Witnessed my foray
From city limits
To the heart of town
In search of food
To help my life along

Brian Fahy
15 June 2021

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