Cornish Pasty

A quiet secluded spot
The Cornish coast
Beautiful sea
Villages called ‘Tre’
Remote from everywhere important
The centre of attention Carbis Bay

Political persuaders meet together
Boris leads the litany and dance
Enjoying the company and weather
World King working near Penzance

Pandemic and protocols
The business
China is in the mix as well
The turbulence of worldly state affairs
Resounding on us like Atlantic swells

And Europe plays its football
In the summer
And Christian falls suddenly to the floor
We hold our breath in shock
Please God revive him
Let him live
Let us see him more

We need to pray for all
Of this world’s leaders
Our lives depend on wise ones
At the helm
And live each day
As if it were the last one
With true devotion and a spirit calm

Brian Fahy
12 June 2021

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