Now Then

Matthew 5:20-26

How to deal with a difficult opponent
The task in hand
Almost every day you live
There’s a skill to be learned
You can’t just presume it
When give and take
Becomes just give and give

The aftermath of war
Left people broken
In Germany
It left a bitter taste
And Hitler
Was the one to bring together
The anger and frustration and the waste

I often think if we had not waged war
Had not declared
Our strong intent to fight
Then Hitler looking east
Might then have ventured
To clear the Russians
Completely out of sight

And in that game he surely
Would have fallen
As fall he did eventually we know
For evil is the source
Of it’s own destruction
His comeuppance
As sure as Russian snow

What would Jesus do?
A powerful question
The answers we can find
On gospel page
There is suffering involved
Of course there is
But millions died
In our Churchillian age

The test of our true mettle
Is not in friendship
Or in dealings when the world
Is shining bright
It is how we face an adversary
How we face a foe
How to bring the peace
And make wrong right

Brian Fahy
10 June 2021

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