A View

I am no Scot
But I favour independence
I have my reasons
Averse to Tory rule
And keen to see
Each nation
On its merits
Choose self-determination
As it’s cool

Blair and Brown
Were once the nation’s favourites
The gruesome twosome
Actually I like
I got the feel
They are clever
And intelligent
Not the sort to say
‘Get on yer bike’

I listen when they speak
I think them honest
In many ways they brought
A refreshing tone
But they lost the plot
In foreign fields
Should have listened
To Robin Cook
Instead they left that man
To stand alone

Blair got it wrong
Over Iraq
Even I could see it
Sitting here at home
Was it Bush that got to him?
Was he seduced by power?
Whatever it was
I’d say keep off the phone

What happened to Blair
Can happen anywhere
Happen to you or me
A lesson there

Stand back
From wounded animals
Reaction is their game
Wounded America
Drew us in
They rescued us
In World War Two
So Tony felt we should not flinch
The only thing that he could do
Was join a coalition crew
Bomb Saddam
The world renew

We are paying ever since

Brian Fahy
6 June 2021

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