Requiem For Raymond

It’s now called ‘Raymond’s bench’
Because while his funeral mass was taking place
I walked in God’s fresh air
And thought of him
And spoke to him
Can you hear me, Raymond?
What I said
If we can talk to saints
Then it’s a go-er
Raymond hears me too

I prayed for him in Latin
In my house
My old Missale Romanum
Back in style
I read out loud
The great ‘Dies Irae’
For all its sombre tones
It draws a crowd

And then my walk
While Mass is on
Just take the breeze
And talk with Ray
And sit upon
The bench bearing his name
I can’t believe you are really gone
It doesn’t seem quite right
I’ll sit upon the bench
And talk just the same

The serious Ray
And the funny Ray
Is how I remember you
The happy and the sad
Were always there
Reconciled and coalesced
In the end I trust
We’ll talk again
Next time I take the air

Brian Fahy
4 June 2021

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