There is no ha-ha about the haar
In Scotland
Just ask the folk in Fife
They know it well
Warm air rising
Over a cold North Sea
East wind blows a mist
A foggy swell

Lovely days
Of warm and sunny weather
Suddenly a dampener appears
Gone the joy and bliss
Of summer sunshine
Here to stay a haar
Inviting tears

There are people
Who resemble
Such sea fretting
Providing damp
At any joyful do
It’s bad enough
A sea mist besetting
But dampening the land
Bad cess to you

We owe it to each other
To be supportive
To share the joys and sorrows
Of our day
But never like a haar
To be a dampener
On the simple give and take
Of every day

Brian Fahy
3 June 2021

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