Instinctive Wisdom

In the lonely days
Just after Margaret died
My son and I
Were moseying along
Lost in our own sorrows
Every morning
Lost when it was time
For evensong

Then one day
A sudden explosive anger
Came bursting out of me
At something done
I shouted at my son
In nasty temper
I can’t remember now
Just what was wrong

I apologised straightway
I felt so sorry
For aiming vitriol
At someone dear
In fact for aiming vitriol
At anyone
Is something that
I always would steer clear

My son was sitting silent
At his table
A concentrated look upon his face
A quiet tear was falling as he uttered
The words that I now intend to trace

‘I need you to love me,’
Was his statement,
‘Now that I’ve lost mum
That’s what I need,’
I stood in awe at such
A powerful answer
The wisdom the virtue
And the creed

Every person living
On this planet
Needs the self same
Love to live their lives
When loved we can do anything
We want to
Well it’s just as if we died

Brian Fahy
15 May 2021

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