Point Of View

Travelling on a coach up to Gavarnie
That Pyrenean village south of Lourdes
I spotted a pyramid shaped mountain
With snow and ice upon its shoulders moored

We drove on up through narrow winding passes
Climbing ever higher through the air
I looked again to see my pointy mountain
No longer there the point was now a square

A different angle gave a different image
A table mountain shape was what I saw
A pyramided mountain had moved over
A table length and flat was now the draw

I clocked the lesson there and then forever
Point of view is such a partial thing
What looks to me a pyramid quite clearly
Looks table shaped from what you are standing in

This lesson is vital when we’re talking
And vital when an argument ensues
And vital when mediation is in session
Appreciation scatters all the blues

Accept the point of view that someone’s making
Invite them to accept you have one too
And put them both together in the baking
You’ll make a cake that everyone can chew

Brian Fahy
14 May 2021

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