Mouth and foot painters
Amaze me
What they paint
How they learn the skill
What determination
To overcome their ill

Grandsons at an age
To lift a pencil
Very keen are they
To make their mark
And I like them
Beginning on a website
Delight in simple joys
To write and talk

Pauline down in Arklow
Is a painter
Merry is her name
Her website view
And Hughie, too, my cousin
Is a painter
On massive canvas
The name O’Donoghue

All of us are born
To give expression
To life inside
Around and feelings too
Reflect and show the beautiful
In nature
The humble and the mighty
And the true

We are part of
This world’s story every one
We make a mark wherever we may go
So make your mark for glory
While you’re at it
And leave a gift behind you
So they’ll know

Brian Fahy
14 May 2021

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